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A Food Affair

Written By: JennyLee Ann Baxter

A Word From The Author

JennyLee Ann Baxter

Food and love go hand in hand. They evoke the same passionate feelings. When you indulge, you feel satisfied, warm, happy, comforted, peaceful, relaxed, soothed, grateful, safe, loved, complete, and at times, erotic.

For several years my vision was to write a fabulous cookbook. As my food expertise expanded, which encompassed owning my own catering company, which included food consulting and design; my feature in a national magazine, namely Sunset Magazine and the Sunset Annual Cookbook, my first book signing at Barnes and Noble Books, my own television cooking show, author of a quarterly cooking newsletter, guest chef appearances on "Good Day Sacramento" and a cooking instructor, I was certain that my cookbook was on the horizon

A journey of love and food that encaptures the feelings of sensuality and cooking in one book.

About The Book

A Food Affair

When you make a muffin
You only stir it leaving lumps in the batter;
When you make a cake
You beat it;
When you make bread
You knead it;
When you make love
You put everything into it.
Author Unknown


What Readers Are Saying

After just a few short stories and some very palatable recipes, I knew this book was a keeper... but do I keep it on my nightstand or in the kitchen?! I loved how she taps into our senses of touch, taste, smell, and sight. Having a lot of fun with this book and what a great icebreaker for an up and blossoming relationship! This book was definitely inspired by a passion for love and food.
Gina B., Reno, NV
The Book : A Food Affair by Jenny Lee Ann Baxter At the beginning of each delicious recipe you sink into a moment of desire, both for love and the taste you are about to experience. Not only does the book have a hold on you but, the picture (photo) of what is about to become the fantasy in your mind moves to your mouth. Jenny Lee Ann has an incredible way of bringing her amazing recipes to print for our mouth watering benefit and each page a special touch with the champagne glasses at each page number, a wonderful attention to detail. It is not a mere cookbook.
By Carol Roscelli, Murphys, California

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